P S Y C H O M E T R Y   O N L I N E  



Our tests are professional only! No "toys" from social networks!
Our tests are professional only! No "toys" from social networks!

We will help companies considering recruiting, reorganizing, restructuring, we offer immediate assistance even for planned outplacement. We test recruited and outgoing employees with professional work psychometry PsychometryOnline™. We will accurately measure and recommend to the employee: :

  • WHAT EVERYTHING has a real disposition for
  • what kind of other work he can handle well
  • what is his TALENT and on the contrary what to avoid
  • ALL done within 2 hours online from payment
  • TALENTPASS employee with authorization for CV
  • online consultation of the employee with PSYCHOLOGIST 
  • all can be completed ANONYMOUS 

Example of simple work with psychometric testing online, play the video (approx. 2.30 min.):

Multilingual work psychometry for companies and employees online.

Professional online tests of operators, managers and traders easily and immediately.

Professionally, cheaply, immediately, online job tests for workers right here. Online tests PsychometryOnline™ and DeepPsychosonicTest™ is a professional diagnostics for HR without the need for education, courses, installations or other applications and training. The final report PsychometryOnline will come to you online immediately after the completion of the tests by the employee. Save your time and multiply your professional performance to the top level of a professional expert without risk. Thanks to intelligent infographics, you know in 2 minutes whether an employee is suitable or not, without the risk of financial losses during the trial period. According to the target groups, we offer two types of online tests, the first for operators and regular administrative staff and the second for managers and traders.

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Save time and 2300 $, know the measured skills of employees immediately.

What is it good for? What will it bring me? Getting to know a person is a matter of years. It takes many months in a company. You can find out in as little as 1.5 hours and you will save money on training, getting to know the employee during the trial period. Immediate benefits are at least 2-3 monthly wages, that is a saving of about 2300-3000 $ at testing costs from 22 $ to 37 $ per person. In addition, we will tell you what his potential, talent, is, what will be the greatest benefit if he has it, whether it is suitable for team management or will be an efficient and reliable worker in production. We reveal talented traders, which are really few. All you have to do is subscribe to how many employees you want to test per year. 

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What will you learn from the tests, what will we measure?  

Certificate for athletes (players)-site 1
Certificate for athletes (players)-site 1
Certificate for athletes (players)-site 2
Certificate for athletes (players)-site 2
Certificate for coaches
Certificate for coaches

And what result will you get? Take a look at the sample of an excellently clear diagnostic report:

our motto for you:

"The wise no longer doubt, and that the decision is not painful"

About us

International team of psychologists and managers

The program was created under the guidance of a professional guarantor with a 31 years experience of psychologist with international experience from Germany, Netherlands, South Africa and with the experience of testing the personnel of the air traffic control center. The program operator is a nonprofit organization and we are registred VAT payers.

Standardization of test expertise quality

The development was based on standardized tests, which, in decades of use, hundreds of thousands of people have stabilized the accuracy of measurable results in international standards. It is not a custom-made quick or downloaded questionnaire from the Internet or tests from a culturally and socially different environment.

Seriousness and friendliness to the customer.

The test can be tested once a free trial from your firm and the test can be tested anonymously. Psychodiagnostic is made up of several tests, each test after completion is saved, and you can continue after logging in to other tests at another time or another day. It is not necessary to complete one stroke. Tests include special combinations of algorithms to measure truthfulness and manipulation of outputs.

The chairman of the organization, psychologist, guarantor of the project Vit Svejdik, says: The most important business partners and companies with whom I have gained the most experience in developing our software:

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Our tests are professional only! No "toys" from social networks!
Our tests are professional only! No "toys" from social networks!