Prices are for the selected number of tested persons valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase


Comprehensive sport psychodiagnostics Psychometry4sport™ for 1 athlete, online tests / online report, Talentpass certified, 3 links for continuous performance tests during 12 months. Price will be deducted - cashback from next order.

449 $ / 1 test; 1 language-EN; 544 $ incl. VAT

* Cashback 100% back in the form of a full price deduction for the next standard order

The statutory amount of 21% VAT is added to the prices. The service will be made available immediately after the funds have been credited on the basis of online payment by credit card or interbank transfer to our account. After crediting the funds, an individual link of authorized access to the use of psychometric occupational diagnostics online will be generated for you. The number of tested persons is automatically deducted from your account of the purchased type of service. At the moment of making the service available, a tax document is issued, including VAT, corresponding to the amount of payment according to the advance certificate with performance as of the date of making the service available.