tests on your own website



Buy a two-year license of online professional psychometric testing PsychometryOnline™ with automatic online generation of output evaluations in PDF sent directly to the customer's or recruiters's e-mail. Also suitable as a free promo service for visitors to your website or portal, as a basis for advice, training, exercises, coaching, work with the client, etc. International licenses from 50 thousand. tested persons and more (from 25 thousand tested persons per year), for 2 years, 7 language versions.

Main advantages:

  • Professional psychometric tests online on your site under your domain 
  • Install a test link on your site under your domain and with your image 
  • Online testing and online evaluation with report 
  • Automatic generation of excellently clear output evaluation in PDF with authorization of psychological survey 
  • For authorized psychologists, the possibility of additional interventions and changes in the text of the output report, (for the non-professional public, this possibility of change in the texts is unavailable)
  • Automatic sending of evaluations to the client by email or to your e-mail. 
  • Choice of several testing languages 
  • Financial availability of online testing 
  • Efficient operation, no need to learn to interpret results and evaluate, everything is automatic at the highest level without the need for self-education
  • Guarantee of professional evaluation and professional evaluation and interpretation in the text of the PDF report.
  • Every 2 years license renewal option
  • Every year new thematic tests focused on work, health, partnerships, dating, etc.