WHAT IS ONLINE WORKING PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS FOR OPERATORS AND ADMINISTRATIVE BACKOFFICE? Our online comprehensive psychodiagnostics PsychometryOnline™ for operators and general administrative and business backoffice are not just questionnaires, but 8 special tests including graphical performance and nonverbal forms too. It is a professional standardized digital online test battery supplemented with special accessories, no color and effective questionnaires downloaded and translated from the Internet or from other cultural and social backgrounds. Copyright applies to our digital software, its algorithms, encryption and decryption. It is not allowed to use the software in whole or in part without our written consent! You will receive written consent to a registered e-mail with a specially generated authorized access to psychodiagnostics link. The number of tests performed is automatically deducted from your purchased number of test persons.


Tests can be performed from a smartphone in a vertical format with adequate zoom on the display or conveniently from a tablet, PC or NTB with a mouse. No installation and download of programs and applications required. The duration of the tests is approximately 90 minutes, it is individual. Upon completion of any of the tests in a row, the tester may interrupt the work and complete the remaining tests upon re-enrollment at another time or day. The diagnostic REPORT will be sent online immediately after all tests have been completed by the employee to the customer's e-mail.

PERSONNEL AUDIT OF THE OPERATOR TEAMS AND BACKOFFICE "Only the one leads  who messures. We will measure them for you."

We realize a comprehensive personnel audit of employees in the company, all or selected teams. We are looking for hidden reserves, invisible "gold" in the company for upcoming reorganisations and restructuring to increase performance and profits. Up to 38% of personnel talent is unused. Don't look elsewhere when you have gold in your company, you just don't see it. We will find, measure, recommend the ideal "hard core" for change mamangement including sociogram.

What do you learn from the tests, what do we measure?  

And what result do you get? Take a look at the excellent overview report: