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Very fast access to the test software - access link and codes for both partners in Amazon - message box, Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00 CET. Validity 6 months. Measurement output: certificate of compatibility with comparison of 18 key characteristics with positive, negative results or problematic areas for solutions for partners within 24 hours. Total 26-28 pages of personality analyses for both partner, strengths and weaknesses, predictions and suggested solutions to problem states.

Results can be consulted online with a psychologist by chat / Skype in the range of 15/30/60 min (additional paid service). Support free. Professional psychological battery of 140 questions, 5 standardized performance neurotests. Instructional video prior to testing. Each task has an instructional gif including practice options. Countdown timer befor start the tests. Works only on PC or NTB with mouse in common browsers (Chrome, Opera, Mozzila-Firefox), no installation required, instant start. 5 languages, 52 countries !


Licensed sports psychometry for professional for professional athletes, coaches, trainers, clubs in ball games, hockey and athletic.

Certificate for athletes (players)-site 1
Certificate for athletes (players)-site 1
Certificate for athletes (players)- site 2
Certificate for athletes (players)- site 2
Certificate for coaches
Certificate for coaches


License information:

• The license is always processed with exclusive rights for 10 years for a specific language version worldwide or for a selected country (ies).

• The license is provided for the sports psychometric software Psychometry4sport™ for testing, evaluation, generation of the final report and creation of 3 personal and work passports and 1 special wide-spectrum sports passport with the possibility of online verification.

Sports professional passport is divided into 3 groups: 1. performance parameters of the athlete (6 values); 2. athlete's risk parameters (6 values); 3. autorelaxation and mental disposition of the athlete (6 values). A total of 18 output metric and aggregated values ​​of the athlete in the BallSports module.

• Exclusivity is negotiated in the form of a license agreement for 10 years. Extension is always possible for another 5 years.

• The software works on a separate server for the customer from our company. This is not a purchase of SW, only the exclusive rights to use it to a limited extent and for a specified period. It is legally and functionally separated from other or similar servers operated by the operator so that their data and processes are not interconnected.

• The software will be adapted according to the customer's requirements (Attachment No. 1) and in the selected language version for trial testing within 3 months adjustment of tests, of algorithms and generated outputs, including exotic languages ​​(Hindi, Arabic,...). The appearance, names and logos will be modified according to the customer's wishes, the SW supplier will not be initially visible.

• The license sets the number of maximum tests per year for the selected language or country (s). The price for the license depends on the scope of exclusivity and the number of tests.

• The license includes separately modified and developed PsychometryOnline software software - BallsSports module for customers, 10 years of continuous operation and updates on servers provided by our company, encryption, mode access, hardware and software service. Access to athletes' tests and addressing of generated and sent output messages and certificates is the sole responsibility of the customer, including the obligation to apply GDPR. The supplier, as the software operator, enforces the consent of GDPR for each athlete exclusively and only for the testing process and our company has no right and may not transfer the data to third parties other than the customer. The customer is responsible for further redistribution with the consent of the tested athlete.

• For each license, we require training of all relevant officials and entities that come into contact with the tests to properly understand and unify the standardization of understanding the concepts and definitions of the athlete's outputs and the possibilities of maximum practical use of information obtained. We can help beyond the contract with the implementation of this standardization in scout sheets. (Your role after training at our headquarters)

*The license also includes OPTIONAL separate short performance tests for continuous testing of athletes many times a year directly at the training field "without", "before" and "after" physical and mental stresses from training, including regular and consistent records + connection to measure physiological values (blood pressure, pulse). Regular performance testing (12/25 min. Load) 1-2 times a month, extreme test after maximum continuous physical activity (45/60 min.) Twice a year. The definitions of "load" and "extreme load" will be specified in the license agreement as well as other terminology and definitions for easy orientation of coaches and trainers. The results give a permanent performance overview of the average, maxima and dips of the athlete's performance with the possibility of prediction and limits in relation to other measured values.

• Possible cooperation is to be considered, where at selected above-limit values ​​it is appropriate to cooperate with the athlete in a relaxing and self-relaxing way even during his personal free time. To this end, we help with consulting the selection of suppliers of such services, setting criteria for success and quality of services provided, etc. The SW license supplier does not directly supply the performance of these services. (Your role in finding and co-evaluating the supplier).

Psychometric software used:

Psychometry4sport™ - BallSports module - a multilingual comprehensive online for HR, coaches, trainers and CEO club managers, a program for testing the mental and performance dispositions of athletes in professional ball sports. The program was created by an international team of non-profit organizations under the leadership of a professional guarantor with the experience of 31 years of psychologist with international experience, including experience in testing air traffic center staff. In the development of software testing, international standardized tests with maximum validity in the following ratios were used as key markers: 20% of the questionnaire character, 60% of performance tests, 20% of self-projection graphic tests (for psychosonic DPT tests 30% self-projection graphic tests + 10% graphological tests) . Validity: for international tests 98.73%, for auxiliary questionnaire tests 87.56%. Reliability: for test batteries and aggregated outputs 88.89%. Reliability is ensured by multifactor aggregation with an average of 6-8 factors.


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