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Very fast access to the test software - access link and codes for both partners in Amazon - message box, Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00 CET. Validity 6 months. Measurement output: certificate of compatibility with comparison of 18 key characteristics with positive, negative results or problematic areas for solutions for partners within 24 hours. Total 26-28 pages of personality analyses for both partner, strengths and weaknesses, predictions and suggested solutions to problem states.

Results can be consulted online with a psychologist by chat / Skype in the range of 15/30/60 min (additional paid service). Support free. Professional psychological battery of 140 questions, 5 standardized performance neurotests. Instructional video prior to testing. Each task has an instructional gif including practice options. Countdown timer befor start the tests. Works only on PC or NTB with mouse in common browsers (Chrome, Opera, Mozzila-Firefox), no installation required, instant start. 5 languages, 52 countries !


We will help companies considering new recruitment, layoffs, reorganize, restructure, we offer immediate assistance for planned recruitment and outplacement. We test incoming or outgoing employees with professional work psychometry PsychometryOnline ™. We will accurately measure and recommend to the employee:

  • WHAT EVERYTHING has a real disposition for
  • what kind of other work he can handle WELL
  • what is his TALENT and on the contrary what to avoid
  • TALENTPASSPORT for employee with authorization to CV
  • EVERYTHING done within 2 hours online from payment
  • online consultation of the employee with PSYCHOLOGIST via Skype or FCB
  • can also be completed ANONYMOUSLY



Our online comprehensive occupational psychodiagnostics PsychometryOnline ™ for operators and regular administrative and economic staff are not just questionnaires, but 8 special tests, including graphical, performance and non-verbal. It is a professional standardized digital online battery of tests supplemented by special accessories, no colorful and effective questionnaires downloaded and translated from the Internet or originating from another cultural and social environment. Copyright applies to our digital software, its algorithms, encryption and decryption. You may not use the software in whole or in part without our written consent! You will receive written consent by registered e-mail with a specially generated link to authorized access to psychodiagnostics. The realized number of tests is automatically deducted from your purchased account of the number of tested persons.


The tests can be performed on PC or NTB with a mouse. No installation or download of programs or applications is required. The duration of the tests is approximately 90 minutes, it is individual. After completing any of the tests in the series, the test worker may interrupt the work and complete the remaining tests after re-logging in at a different time or on a different day. The final REPORT message after the completion of all tests by the customer, usually within 50 minutes after completion.

PERSONAL AUDIT OF THE OPERATORS TEAMS  - "Manage only by the one who measures. We will measure them for you."

We carry out a comprehensive personnel audit of employees in the company, all or selected teams. We are looking for hidden reserves, invisible "gold" in the company for planned reorganizations and restructurings in order to increase performance and profits. Up to 38% of personnel talent is unused. Don't look elsewhere when you have gold in your company, you just don't see it. We will find it for you, measure it, recommend the ideal "hard core" for change mamangement, including the sociogram, according to the results.

What will you learn from the tests, what will we measure? 

And what result will you get? Take a look at an example of a clear evaluation report: