PsychometryOnline™  PsychosonicOnline™ 

Exclusive online work psychometry, multilingual with international standards for used tests for operators, technical and economic staff, as well as special tests and outputs for managers and traders. Choose below by testing target group for more information.

1.Multilingual professional psychodiagnostic tool PsychometryOnline™ for operators and middle office workers

2.Multilingual Special Tests for Managers and Traders PsychosonicOnline™ (deep psychosonic tests).

3.Personal audit of teams of operators, backoffice and managers. "Only the one who meassures is the leader. We are measuring for you." We realize a comprehensive personnel audit of employees in the company, all or selected teams. We are looking for hidden reserves, invisible "gold" in the company for upcoming reorganisations and restructuring to increase performance and profits. Up to 38% of personnel talent is unused. Don't look elsewhere when you have gold in your company, you just don't see it. We will find, measure, recommend the ideal "hard core" for change mamangement including sociogram.

Advantages of psychometric tests:

  • You do not need to guess, fumble and worry about what to expect from a manager or a merchant
  • The possibility of testing anonymously without the need to consent to the use of personal data (GDPR)
  • The generated 12-page diagnostic report will clearly and comprehensibly satisfy your need to know the worker. You don't have to be an experienced psychologist. The report is written in such a way that even a layman can fully understand the results and have an idea of ​​what can be expected of a person, in which it will be beneficial and in what risk. Our customer support is available for further consultations.
  • Try the promoter for one worker at the lowest price and evaluate yourself how it will benefit you.Test the workers in their native language and receive a report in Czech. Test the workers in eg Spanish, German, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian ..... and you will receive a report in English. Such combinations allow premium versions of the program.
  • For foreign managers we offer testing reports in German and English.
  • Ideal for testing workers in the country of origin. We are extending language mutations to the whole of Eastern Europe, Spain, South Africa, South America and EU countries.