tr-How to turn affect fury into controlled competitive fight? What does the Spanish club notice during of influencing the formations? When psychometry helps sports.


What do biochemical processes in the body have to do with training or competition? We talk to coaches and coaches about the same thing, just with a different conceptual apparatus, and based on our measured values ​​and concepts, we can see and predict, tactical, not just guess and think. How? I will try to explain. Stress, emotions ... Thousands of words and theories, but below the surface of the words "must", "need", "control", "is appropriate"... superficial words without measurable and substantiated facts, general meaningless recommendations, only intangible hope for the end of the tunnel. I will try to open the hatch of learned phrases and explain more how stress works in athletes, where it arises, what are its laws and what can be influenced and what cannot. All in a few paragraphs. We have about a hundred hormones. We are such a biochemical walking laboratory. In terms of influencing the performance of athletes, we are interested in those that have a stenic effect, action, strength, tension, we can call them adrenaline. On the other hand, there are hormones that have calming, relaxing effects on the body and psyche. Hormones are secreted into the bloodstream and in a fraction of a second delivered as transmitters to receptors on organs, hands, feet... The size of the receptor and the level of enzymes affect the rate of response, conversion to energy, action. Receptors are genetically determined, we do not influence them, we can influence the extent and time of the hormone leaching into the bloodstream, we can also influence the amount of enzymes that convert the hormone into energy externally. An excess of stress hormones causes an increased to exaggerated emotional response, and this is directly proportional to a decrease rationality (cognitive and discriminatory functions), in other words, reason and perception weaken. The task of the trainer is to treat each individual as an individual "biochemical laboratory" and to be able to use genetic conditions that are measurable and predict and appropriately balance the ratio of adrenaline and asthenic (relaxation) hormones so that rational and cognitive functions are maintained in game dynamics. An extra fast player running on the surface without interplay with others and without goal results is useless to us. Thus, stimulating players by coaches for constant combat growth without maintaining mental and cognitive functions and perception of the environment and others is about the constant growth of performance but without results for the game. So we ran well. The start of the right ratio of the hormone mix in the bloodstream is very often decided by the start of the game, the onset, the start of the fight, the attack. If this fails or is reversed during the game, selected measured players must be able to mirror and stimulate other teammates, in other words to excite the leaching of the type and proportion of hormones that the team's hormonal mix in the lineup can restart. Without the measured values ​​of each player, the source of the trainer and coach is only intuition and a subjective view, which is sometimes obscured by moodiness and prejudice. Those who resist objective facts and measurements are probably considered to be superhumanly chosen, who are "never wrong". Fortunately, there are a minorities of such coaches. Don't stay behind and get to know your players more deeply and predictably. Catecholamine hormones in combination with glucocorticoids ensure the correct level of blood sugar and supply of excessively stressed organs, limbs and brain play the biggest role in stressful situations of the game. The balance of the ratio of hormones and sugar sources plays a major role. From our experience of long-term preparation, expectations, even before the fight itself, players have long consumed excessive consumption of blood sugars. Its elimination will not be solved by a one-time delivery of an increased amount of sugars. The conditions can be solved preventively and in advance by mental self-regulation with the effect of elimination of long-term glucose loss. And this is the progress of the Spanish club, which is aware of these modern tools, trying to measure and influence them on the level of mental relaxation and stimulation far before the matches. We are happy to supply them with psychometric measurements of players. Would you like to try too?