tr-Most players need internal guidance, they just don't know it yet. What has the experience of the Spanish football club shown? The difference between competitive anxiety and stress in players.


The questions are clear! Why didn't you finish? Why didn't you take it? Didn't you see him? Where did you pass it? You are blind? What's the matter with you? F**k You! and many others. The vast majority of coaches are aware of the role of stress on performance and concentration of attention. But does the deeper complexity and individuality of each player falter? At the same time, each player is both a custom-built Swiss watch. One Spanish football club asked us to modify the sports metric software, specifically by two important metrics: "competitive anxiety" in the group measuring the performance of the athlete and "mental resilience" in the group of relaxation dispositions. This is nothing revealing, only practice has shown them the importance of knowing the extent between stress and the ability to correct them quickly, better preventively. They observed a greater degree of stereotyping of motor skills in the players' field, inflexibility and a lesser degree of flexibility. They were able to run fast, there is a simple physical performance, but there is a reduction in the coordination of the player's movements and the interaction with others on the field. The resulting mistakes in the game create additional stress stimulitation, which escalate from competitive anxiety to a state of pathological stress with the consequences of inappropriate muscle tone, stiffness, reduced sensitivity of the environment. It is not a loss of activity and dynamics, but a disorganization of self-regulation and cognitive functions. The Spanish trainers have noticed differences in the players at the same time, place and in a similar task and need to measure the difference, find reasons for predictions and strategies with the players in the team. Players perceived muscle tone and the load of their smooth movements normally in "competitive anxiety" of 3 kg, but in extreme stress, some players were confused feelings and perception of impact movement with a force of up to 50 kg, resulting in increased superficial breathing and decreased oxygen uptake, which is another subconscious stressor for the body, feelings of exhaustion. Thus, there is a chain loop accumulation of stressors. The loss of teamwork is the result of a reduction in the function of the right hemisphere of the brain and a wide-ranging perception of the environment, situation and danger, which takes place in the order of milliseconds in coordination with the coordination of movements. Movement intelligence is thus significantly reduced in performance. A thorough repetition of training patterns is no longer enough, but the organization, timing and combination of measured best qualities of all players. In addition, we have set special 6-8 scale aggregate metrics specifically in 18-scale testing software, which measure how the player deviates from the average (valid) or individually set setpoint for the club from a comparison only between club players (specific). The coach or coach does not have to study psychology in depth, they are experienced amateur psychologists with rich experience, but if they combine them with the measured values ​​of professional sports tests, they can better strategically assemble and time the team to perform. When it involves its coaching skills, it is the best preventive combination for maximum team performance. In addition, thanks to metrics, it is possible to specifically target not only strengthening the player's strongly talented dispositions, but also maintaining balance, managing energy and delivering maximum performance without stress at the right time, only through tolerated and desired competitive anxiety. It is rather the role of a coach who, with such equipped knowledge and metrics, is able to lead, graduate and cultivate players internally mentally. It pays off for each team, because the players then play with joy and motivation without inefficient depletion of energy and potential. And that is competitive anxiety, not pathological stress. We will be happy to measure the limit for each player and show you each individual's individual limit.